Monday, April 5, 2010


We finally have our official wedding party nailed down!

I have asked all my bridesmaids/honorary bridesmaids and David has asked all of his fellows except for a few ushers.

My bridesmaids have known for a while now (seeing as they have dresses)...but I just now completed the task of asking all my honorary bridesmaids.

So here is the official list:

Maid of Honor- Courtney Martin
Bridesmaid- Lori Phillips
Bridesmaid- Kaleigh Hamilton
Bridesmaid- Westin Pickens
Bridesmaid- Lacy Rosenbalm
Junior Bridesmaid- Ashton Martin

Honorary Bridesmaids:
Meagan Branch
Carly Conklin
Carla Dobbs
Hayley Kopf

Flowergirl- Alyssa White

Best Man- Austin Nation
Groomsman- Keith Ellingson
Groomsman- Taylor Walling
Groomsman- Jeremy Schofield
Groomsman- Brett Vanderzee

And...I don't know the official list of ushers (that's David's job) so I'll leave that off for now!

Here are some examples of the cards I made for my bridesmaids when I asked them!


As far as all the other people involved (guest book, cake server, etc.)...I'll figure that out later....:)

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  1. I can't wait till your wedding! :) It's going to be so great! -Carla