Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So long time no post....

The reason for this....I wasn't going to post again until we had found a wedding venue, but this has still not been accomplished. 

At this moment I feel like I could have quite possibly looked at every wedding venue that exists in Oklahoma...either they are 1.) ugly, 2.) not available on our date, 3.) cost way more than I wanna spend, or 4.) a church. 

BUT...we do have a venue we are currently looking at, but we won't find out if it will be possible to rent for another week. (Long story.)

ALSO, I do not want to reveal the location for fear of it falling through once again....

So nonetheless, please be praying that this venue works out because we love it, it's cheap, and if it doesn't work out I am THIS close to getting married by Elvis in Vegas. 

On a happier note....We have chosen our colors and some random small details!

Drumroll please....our colors are going to be BLACK and GREEN! I am also going to be using peacock feathers as accents so our accent colors will be tealpurple, yellows, and whatever other colors are in peacock feathers.

Also, I love this bouquet. The end.