Friday, July 20, 2012

Cheerio, mate!

I'm a little behind on everything because we've been so busy, but...
Our wild summer of travels landed us in

After Daughter's Tour, we had a two day break and then it was off on a seven hour flight to jolly ol' England. 

David was contacted a couple months ago by a man in England who was interested in having him come over and do a short poetry tour at some churches and schools. We both were super psyched, but we just kinda put it on the back burner thinking it would never actually come together. 

But, God had different plans. 

So here we were...flying to England, to stay with people we'd never met, and trusting God that this was where we were supposed to be. 

Let me just say that this trip was INCREDIBLE. 

Several people have asked me what my favorite part of England was and I have to honestly answer that it was the relationships we made with the people there. 

I have never felt so welcomed and at home with complete strangers. 

I love that the church is the church no matter where you are in the world!

There are way to many highlights to cover in one post so I'll just pinpoint a few of them in one of my favorite things...a list!

England was grand because...

-All of the houses are so cute!
 -Everything has so much history
-The people were very receptive towards David's poetry
-They have REAL castles, not just the one at Disneyworld
-Crumpets are DELISH!
-London is a tourist's dream
-I got to fulfill a dream by seeing Les Miserables  
-It was in the 60's everyday
-You have tea with milk and sugar about a 100 times a day.

That just skims the surface...
Warwick Castle
Coventry Cathedral Ruins
Dave and David Boden/Bowden


Shakespeare's House

Cream Tea with Leah
More tea!
Hanging out with Abby and Cerys
David is a teacher too!

The Hulley Family

The Boden Family

The Duffty Family



Best ever.