Friday, June 17, 2011

We have a house...


No more worrying about where the heck we will be staying for four months because Bryan and Kyle found us a place to stay while they were there visiting this past month.

It is a lovely little rent house with two bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom with a shower (that is a hard find in the Philippines), and best of all....AIR CONDITIONING. So after some nice sweaty days on the goat farms we will be able to come home and take showers and relax in the some cool air. Holla.

This house will also be serving as an office for Give a Goat so we will have a house full of loving/giving Filipino people all the time. How blessed.

AND, it's right next to a few of the Give a Goat farms and villages! This is a huge relief, because we thought we were going to have to stay in Cebu and commute 30 min. to an hour ever day, but now we will get to live so close to the people we are helping!

So without further is our house!

Yep, it's bright orange and green. Love it.

The living room. I hope we get to keep the Barney doll.

Our precious kitchen that will be filled with delicious Filipino food!

Who ever thought that the first house David and I would live in together would be in the Philippines?

Only three more months!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cruise Review

Welp, we are back from our cruise and I managed to last a full week in the sun without looking like a shriveled up tomato! Goal achieved!

Needless to say...the cruise was wonderful.

We ate lots of food, saw some questionable shows, saw some good shows, swam with dolphins, cooled off in the ocean, got mouthfuls of salt water, sang karaoke, ate some more food, used an entire bottle of sunscreen, got in some great people watching, slept in, lounged around the deck, and enjoyed getting away together for a little while.

I would say our first cruise was a success.

Although I had a great time, I don't think we will be planning another one any time soon unless it involves other people going with us.

A cruise is definitely a lazy vacation. And that is not us.

Let's be real, we went to DisneyWorld on our honeymoon.

I mean, my favorite parts of the trip were getting off of the boat and exploring Mexico.

So, even though we had a great time and it was totally worth it...our next vacation will involve lots more touristy things and less laying around in the sun.

Here are some of the highlights...