Sunday, June 27, 2010

Life as a Wife

What's married life like?

Wonderful, Fantastic, Relaxing, Hectic, Funny, Exciting, New.

In other words....
It's pretty much the greatest ever.

I just get to be with my best friend 24/7. What could be better than that?

We are finally starting to settle into our apartment after the wedding and our INCREDIBLE honeymoon.

Two weeks in Orlando was heaven. We were able to do SO much, yet still relax and enjoy our first two weeks as newlyweds.

Some of the highlights of our trip included:

First night as husband and wife downtown
Universal Studios
Islands of Adventure
Wet n' Wild
(Some of the best water slides I've ever been on)
Cocoa Beach
It was so peaceful and serene. I would recommend it to anyone.
Magic Kingdom
One of my favorites...CIRQUE DU SOLEIL!
Gourmet meals and 5 star restaurants for free!
Disney Water Parks
We got to snorkel with sharks and rays at Typhoon Lagoon
Animal Kingdom
Hollywood Studios

As you can was the trip of a lifetime.
I will never forget it.

Now, back to the real world of working, cleaning, and finding places for all the random wedding stuff I worked on for a year...