Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Things I learned from Student Teaching...

Oh hey bloggers.

Long time no see.

Where have I been these past two months, you ask?

Just spending every day 8-3:30 with 24 precious (when they want to be) kindergartners.

My life has been filled with laughter, temper tantrums, story time, recess, tattling, hugs, show and tell, art, snot, snack time, singing, reading, yelling, learning, and most of all...teaching.

For some, that sounds like a me it is my passion.

Yes, student teaching has been one of the most exhausting semesters of my life and David has lost his wife to lesson plans and naps...but, I have had the best time.

I was meant to do this and I could not be more ready to have a classroom of my own.

So, here are just some of things I have learned from hanging out with five-year-olds everyday:

1.) When you walk into a classroom you must start immediately yelling about what you did last night, your new toy, what you are doing after school, or what someone just did to you.

2.) Anything can be turned into a gun, sword, cell phone, or microphone.

3.) Yelling as loud as you can constitutes as beautiful singing.

4.) Suddenly everyone has to get a tissue or go to the bathroom when it's phonics time.

5.) Fire drills result in frightened crying children who want their mommies.

6.) You can ask the students "Who has a dog?" and no one will answer you, but as soon as one child remembers they have a dog, suddenly everyone has one and wants to tell you all about it.

7.) Band-aids, wet paper towels, and ice packs cure everything.

8.) Leave the room for 30 minutes and you will be welcomed with hugs and yelling as if you had just died and risen from the dead.

9.) Getting to ride on a bus to a field trip is more exciting than the actual field trip.

10.) Teaching is the most gratifying job.