Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yesterday we met with the lady who will be making our cake. She is giving us a REALLY good deal! One flat rate for a perfectly sized, three tiered cake. But, here is the kicker...she will design it however we want for no extra charge. That means colorful icing, intricate designs, shnazzy flavors.

The thing is....I really don't care.

The cake could be a plain white square tower for all I care! Just as long as it's edible. (I probably won't even eat any of it anyway.)

I have never been excited about our wedding cake anyway. Yea it's yummy dessert, but why would I want to pay a bagillion dollars for something that is going to be eaten and forgotten.

But, now that it is not going to cost me a bagillion dollars to get something beautiful, I don't know what to get!

Should it be square or circle, colored or white, intricate or simple, topper or no topper....?

I have no clue.

Thus begins my search for a picture of a wedding cake to give to my baker. Suggestions are welcome.

I really like the simplicity of this cake.

But then again, I love this one.

This one is just precious. I love birds.



  1. I like the middle one!!

  2. GO WITH THE BIRDS!!! SOOO CUTE! love you guys!
    hannah faye

  3. i also like the middle one!