Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Bride and a Bridesmaid

Being a bride is the best...but, getting to be a bridesmaid too makes it even better....and I get to be a bridesmaid twice. Once before my wedding and once after. This will be the year of weddings and I am MOST excited!

So, as a bridesmaid, I got to help plan and host a Lingerie shower for one of my best friends, Westin.

It was a lot of fun and I got a lot of practice making invitations and getting ideas for my own wedding.

My two best friends and I spent HOURS making 32 of these invitations. But I must say...they looked pretty dang good!

I made this box as a gift for the bride and it went along with a game we played!

As an ice breaker, we had the guests decorate clothes pins for Westin and we used them to hang up her gifts on a clothesline.

Best friends since 6th grade.

Westin had this precious hanger made for her by a lady on Etsy. Someone buy me one of these please. I love it.

All her presents. Named appropriately.

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