Friday, February 19, 2010

Redecorated in Shades of Green

I found them.

Bridesmaid dresses in the perfect shade of green.

Not lime, not neon, not easter, not grass, not emerald, not hunter.

Just an olive-y, avocado-y, perfect green.

But let me just tell you, these were not the easiest of dresses to get ahold of. I had to call about 15 Dillards (literally) with no luck, email the company, and then order them through a store in Arkansas that just happened to have all of them in the approximate sizes I needed. (Surprise bridesmaids! I hope they fit you!)

I first saw one at the Dillards here at Quail Springs. The problem was, there was only one and it had no tag. The nicest sales lady called around, found out the price ($69), and supposedly found some at a few other stores in Oklahoma.

I had three on hold at Penn, but when I went to get them a day later they were holding the wrong dress and they didn't have any of the one I wanted. I then went on a nervous calling spree to every Dillards in Oklahoma, (Did you know there are 12 Dillards in Oklahoma?!?!) only to find out that none of them had the dress.

I was upset and distraught because I couldn't find them, they don't sell them online, and I needed these dresses.

So, I did what any crazy bride would the company.

They gave me the numbers of 3 stores in the US that might have them in stock. I called the first one....they didn't have them.....welp thanks a lot Dillards email help line.

I called the second one....THEY HAD SIX! It was a miracle. The best part? They were now on sale this week for $46. It was meant to be.

Needless to say, I ordered them and they are being shipped to my house this very second!

They even match the green feathers I bought for the bridesmaid's hair pieces.

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