Monday, April 12, 2010

Card Business

I should open up my own card business because after this wedding I will be a pro at it. Over the last two weeks I have made and sent out my personal shower invites and addressed and stamped over 200 wedding invites. Exhausting.

My sister and I spent about 5 hours making shower invites, but they turned out really cute in the end so it was worth it.

That's my Maid of Honor.
Not even half way done...

Cute, huh?

My personal shower is in two days!
That's really weird.
Going to showers makes this even more real.
I'm so excited.

Also, I think we have FINALLY gotten out all of the actual wedding invitations (minus 3 that we still need addresses for). They turned out better than I could have ever imagined. Kyle did such a great job designing them! I take no credit, I only addressed and sealed. Now we just have to sit patiently and wait for the hundreds of RSVP's. (Exaggeration.)

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  1. They were so adorable!! I loved it! I also love your wedding invitation that graced my mail box recently. Kyle did so great!