Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have completed three things off of my 22 list.

1.) I got rid of something.
I went through all of my old school crap and made a pile of old notebooks, spring sing packets, folders, and who knows what else and THREW IT AWAY!
Good bye forever.

2.) I made a beautiful little crafty craft for our bedroom.
I like having a "B" initial. It's ALMOST as good as an "M"'s growin on me.

3.) I visited a place in Oklahoma that I had never been to.
I have been to the omniplex on countless field trips and family outings, but I had never seen a movie in the omnidome. So, David and I went because we had a Groupon for tickets to the Science Museum Oklahoma (omniplex) and to see a movie in the omnidome.
It was actually pretty awesome.
I thought it was just going to be like a regular IMAX movie, but it's so much better.
Also...If you go, don't see "Everest" unless you feel like crying over a dying climber who radios his wife to name their unborn child in case he doesn't make it through the night.

David also insisted that I put up this video of this marble contraption he built at the omniplex.

Everest Spoiler Alert!: He doesn't make it through the night. Depressing.

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