Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reasons Why I Miss David...

-Watching SNL is not as fun when you are laughing at a sketch and you look over and there is no one to appreciate the hilariousness with you.
-I am living off of sandwiches, pizza, and T.V. dinners because there is no point cooking a full meal for just me.
-I have no one to remind me to turn off my straightener.
-He is not here to appreciate all the hard work I put into shaving my legs.
-I couldn't just call him up when I found out the new cast members on Glee.
-I can't watch any more episodes of Dexter because then I will just have to re-watch them when he comes home so he can catch up.
-He always gives me the best massages when I've had a hard day.
-I have to do all of the chores myself. Even the dishes...
-Waking up to an empty side of the bed is not as fun as waking up to a sleepy boy.
-I have to actually get up and get things when I'm on the couch or in bed.
-He says the most encouraging, heart felt prayers.
-There is no one to tell me how great I am for doing the laundry.

Basically, I just miss him being here.

But, I'm glad that he is being the man of God I know he is and always will be.

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  1. Meagan.
    this is the sweetest, most wonderful and sincere blog post i've ever read. I adore the genuine love that you two have for each other and it is just so evident in your lives:)

    I wish you the happiest life together!