Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Less than five months...

Yes, our wedding is less than five months away.

This statement hit me pretty hard this last week. I started panicking while thinking about all the things I haven't done...but my wonderful level headed fiance straightened me out by helping me make my favorite thing in the world....a list.

I live off of lists.

Sometimes I will have multiple lists going at once.

As of now, I have one on my desktop, one in my planner, one on my dry erase board, and one on the back of one of my paychecks. All for different things.

This is just how I function.

So, we made a list of things we want to accomplish this month and then another for things we need to get done overall.

This month's list consists of:
1.) Sign and pay for our venue
2.) Make the final decisions on our wedding party and ask them
3.) Finalize our guest list, addresses and all...(my least favorite)
4.) Start looking at cakes...yum
5.)Make dinner and show reservations for our honeymoon (favorite)
6.) Start looking at attire for the boys

That's not so bad.

Lists make everything manageable.

So that's our plan for the month, we'll see how well we do.

I'll leave you with these perfect candle holders my mom and I found over the break on clearance at Hob Lob. Not only will they look great at our wedding, but they will also look great in our apartment as well. Double duty decorations. Yea.

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