Sunday, October 18, 2009


David booked our Honeymoon this weekend!

But, before I tell you where we are going...I will tell you how we chose this location...

I feel like most people go somewhere tropical, beautiful, and relaxing on their honeymoon. Although this does sound tempting, we are not "beach" people. We started out in search of a location by looking at all the typical honeymoon spots...Hawaii, Jamaica, cruises, and of course Sandals. These were perfect, but not us. 
Reasons Why:
1.) I am the whitest person on the planet (thanks mom, lol!) and I would fry in the first 10 minutes and then be miserable the rest of the week. Not okay. 
2.) We would be so bored. We are not the type of people who could be content just lying around, we love to go out and do things!
3.) We are such tourists! We both grew up going to Branson every year (which is so weird because everyone hates Branson) and we love doing all the cheesy, touristy attractions. night, David calls me up and says, " Would you absolutely hate having a honeymoon at Disneyworld?"


We are meant to be. seriously.

So we decided to go to Disneyworld, which is still tropical and romantic....but also cheesy and touristy. Perfect. 

Also, we are having a TWO week honeymoon. It's okay, you can be jealous. 
David's mom just happens to have this timeshare condo thing in Florida that is free for a week so we will be staying there the first week and just relaxing and enjoying being married...then the second week will be an all-inclusive Disney Honeymoon package at the Caribbean resort. 

This means:
1.) A beautiful resort to stay in on the beach.
2.) 7 day park hopper passes to ALL the parks including the water ones. 
3.) 3 meals a day at any restaurant on Disney property at any price. 
4.) Magic.

It's also pretty cool because we got engaged at Disneyland and we are having our honeymoon at Disneyworld!

So, needless to say...David called and took care of it all this weekend (what a good fiance) and he still has some surprises in store that he won't tell me about!

Now I just have to wait 8 months....

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