Monday, October 12, 2009

We have a location!!!

So it has finally happened...we got the OK on our location and we couldn't be more relieved. 

Drumroll please.......

We will be tying the knot at OC in Judd Theatre and the reception will be held in the conservatory/art gallery. Perfect. 

I have wanted to get married in a Theatre ever since I started dreaming of my wedding. It fits us so well since we both are really involved in music and theatre and it's at OC so it's close to our hearts and our friends!

Now that we have gotten that figured out finally (Thanks again Bob Lashley, you are a girl's hero), it's on to the fun part....decorations and details!

I don't really have a "theme" for our wedding...I just know what I like. 

Here are some inspirational pictures I have found while waiting forever to get the green light on our venue.

I absolutely LOVE this! This is a must have! I love the idea of having a photo booth...but they are soooo I found this and thought it was an even better alternative! I want to have a photo wall with pictures of us and our family and then cutouts for guests to take cute pictures, huh?

Cute, simple, earthy, peacock feather centerpieces. love them. 

More elaborate, but still simple, chic, and natural centerpieces. I will never be able to decide. 
I like too many things....

We will have a candy buffet!! I love this idea and I think it's such a cute favor. I also want to label the jars with whose favorite candy it is...whether it be ours or our parents or siblings!

I honestly don't really like any of this that much...but it's the colors we are using so I put it on here. 

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