Monday, March 26, 2012

I spent my spring break...

-taking a road trip to Texas with the hubs

-experiencing my first In and Out Burger

-shoppin it up at Grapevine Mills and IKEA

-taking LOTS of naps

-working on some projects for our apt. (pictures soon!)

-spring cleaning

-going to house church

-getting in lots of David time

-eating at Cuppies and Big Truck Tacos (duh.)

-working a tiny bit on report cards

-finishing a book and starting a new one

-seeing the Hunger Games (Loved it.)

-hanging out at the new studio

-taking a trip to the zoo

-feeding giraffes

-adopting a new tiny baby fluffy orange kitten named "Dexter" (he deserves his own post)

It was fabulous.
I don't think I've ever not wanted to go back to school so bad.

But, nevertheless I did...and it was worth it to hear all my lil chitlins tell me they missed me.

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