Monday, November 21, 2011

Giving Goats

The first week we arrived in the Philippines, we sat down with Elmer (the president of the Philippine branch of Give a Goat) and set some goals for our time here.
We discussed places we wanted to visit, farms we wanted to see, people we wanted to meet, and goals for the mission work we wanted to accomplish. 
We came up with several goals for our trip, but the one thing we wanted to see completed during our stay was to give goats to the people in the firework village in Babag.

I am so excited and grateful to say that we were able to meet that goal!

God really opened up our hearts to the people of Babag and we wanted nothing more than to help them in whatever way we could. 

The best way to implement the goat program into a new village is to give goats to one family who will serve as a model. Once the people see how the goats have been able to help that model family, then they may want to be a part of the program too. 
So, Elmer introduced us to Mary Ann and her family and we all decided that they would be the perfect family to model the goat program in the firework village. 
We bought supplies to build a goat house, helped put it together, bought two goats from a local man, and gave them to Mary Ann and her family. 

This hasn't been a fast process...we have been working on it since we arrived, but it has been so wonderful to be a part of this project and see it completed during our time here.

Here is a video that showcases the whole process of our experience giving's kind of long, so forgive me!

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