Friday, November 11, 2011


This week we got to travel with a few Give a Goat workers to the island of Bohol. Bohol is a small island in the Philippines next to the island we are staying on and it is BREATHTAKING. 

I mean seriously, God is everywhere you look. There are gorgeous hills, trees, animals, and flowers covering the entire island. 
I have never seen anything like it!

On the boat headed to Bohol

Visiting one of the goat raisers farms

Precious child taking care of the goats

I just can't get over how cute baby goats are!

Buying a goat from a family to give to another family

This a village where we are trying to implement the goat program

I finally got to see a tarsier! They are one of the smallest primates alive, but they are endangered. The photo makes it look bigger than it actually is. They are about the size of your fist and you can barely see them because they curl up and just look like knots on the tree. 

I got to hold one!

Visiting an overlook mountain at sunset. 

Oh, just sittin' with a python. 


 Just call me the snake charmer.

The wonderful family we stayed with during our time there. 

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