Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Birthday Update

Remember this list I made on my birthday last year?

Well now is the time to find out if I actually did any of it...

1.)Go on a cruise.
-We sure did and it was fabulous!

2.)Audition for a community theatre show...and make it.
-Auditioned...still workin on the makin it part...

3.)Go on 22 friend dates with 22 different people.
-I didn't actually keep track of this (or any of the others really), but I'm pretty sure this was accomplished. I think I've done pretty well at staying connected with all my friends even though I'm an old married woman.

4.)Write 22 random notes of encouragement.
-Do Christmas cards count?

5.)Read 22 books.
- I think I read about 15. I wish I could have read more. I plan on making up for this while I'm in the Philippines.

6.)Learn how to knit.
-Never even tried. Fail.

7.)Cook 22 meals from scratch.
-I totally did this! I have become somewhat decent at cooking...as long as I have a VERY detailed recipe.

8.)Watch the sunrise.
-I never did this intentionally, but I plan to once I am on the Filipino beach.

9.)Sew myself a beautiful dress.
-Ha, that was a joke.

10.)Sing Karaoke at a Karaoke bar
-I sang Karaoke at a bar on our cruise and it was great. I will definitely do it again. Nothing is better than having a bunch of drunk people think you are a superstar.

11.)Run in a marathon
-Ugh, this is probably my biggest regret, but I have been building my stamina back up and you better believe I'm signing up for one in the spring.

12.)Make 22 crafts.
-I probably did this in one week of student teaching. Early Childhood Education is craft central. I just wish I would have make more cutesy things for our apt. But, thanks to pinterest, I have some future crafty ideas for our humble abode.

13.)Visit 22 places in Oklahoma I've never been to.
- I counted up most all of the ones I could remember and it was over 30. Most of them were restaurants, but hey, that counts!

14.)Spend 22 minutes with God daily.
-Ok, I take back saying that the marathon was my biggest regret. I would like to say I kept this up every day...but I am not perfect. I do feel like my faith has grown immensely this last year though and for that I am thankful.

15.)Be a Vegetarian for 22 days
- I totally forgot about this one! I still plan on trying it sometime.

16.)Learn how to play piano.
- I am no master, but I did practice and I can play about half of "Gravity" by Sara Bareilles. I'd say that's an accomplishment.

17.)Go camping with David in our new tent.
-The weather has been way too intense for this. Maybe next year.

18.)Watch the top 22 movies on the 100 greatest movies of all time list.
-Dang it, I forgot about this one too! I am a complete failure.

19.) Make an engagement/wedding/honeymoon scrapbook.
-Well I scrapped the engagement/wedding part and just decided to make a honeymoon scrapbook. It is not complete, but I have worked on it so I'm pretty proud of myself.

20.) Work out at least three times a week for 22 minutes.
-I am proud to say I have done this and gone above and beyond. Probably one of my biggest accomplishments this year.

21.) Get rid of at least 22 things I don't need.
-Yes! I cleaned out our closets and donated clothes to my sisters and even took some stuff to goodwill. At least we can be sure I won't be on an episode of Hoarders anytime soon.

22.)Live this year to the fullest and document it along the way.
-This year has been fantastic and the future looks even better. I am truly blessed.

Happy 23rd to me!

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