Monday, January 17, 2011


This is my husband. He is a spoken word poet.

He has been writing and performing spoken word poetry for a while now, but I have never gotten to go to one of his out-of-state shows (I know, bad wife) until this weekend.

I got to go with him and watch him perform at Winterfest in Arlington, TX.

Winterfest is a HUGE Church of Christ youth convention in Texas and Tennessee. He got to perform one piece there last year, but this year he was asked to perform twice.

It went SO well.

He performed his two new pieces.

Sold out of his new DVD's that he released with Drew Chancey.

Signed lots of CD's, DVD's, and T-shirts.

Took lots of pictures with swooning girls.

And most importantly...spread God's message to many hearts.

I think my favorite part of the weekend was listening to people come up and tell David how his poetry touched them and revived their spirit.

I am a proud wife.

Sorry all you high school girls out there who thought you found your future husband this weekend, he's taken.


  1. I loved the ad(vertisement) he did for TOMS!!!!

  2. Hi. I'm in Cheyenne at the youth rally David is speaking at. I heard him recite some of his poetry. Very good! I showed him my blog then he told me about your guys' site. Looks good!

    Check out Family Fountain if you get a chance.


  3. I love his poems! I've seen him perform the last 2 years at Gatlinburg Winterfest, and my friend Tripp who's in college now started making poems like your husband because he loved the poems so much. I think he might have a poster of him too... (he's obsessed). My friends always look forward to seeing him. They say he's their favorite part of Winterfest.