Saturday, January 8, 2011

Coupon Queen

That's what I'm striving to be. A coupon queen.
I would say I'm at princess status right now, but I long to be a money-saving maharaja.

So since I know that the majority of people who read this blog are money-scraping married or soon-to-be marrieds I will share some of my favorite saving techniques.

1.) If you buy anything from the internet search for a coupon code before you check out. This could end up saving you a lot of money. You can find a coupon code for almost any website. I'm not kidding. It's fabulous.

2.) Join Groupon and all of the sites like it.
These sites are literally the best.
They offer half price deals such as $40 worth of food at a restaurant for only $20.
You may seem weary, but trust me, I've bought and used coupons from all these websites and they work.
They also make for great date nights or gifts.

3.) Special restaurant nights.
Some restaurants offer deals on certain days of the week.
McNellies has $3 burger and fries on Wednesdays (we go almost every week)
POPS has $2 burgers on Tuesdays
Souper Salad has $4.99 buffets on Tuesdays
ElChico has $3.99 enchiladas on Wednesdays
Just look around, you'll find more.

So, I hope these ideas help you save a little cash and if you have any money-saving secrets I am MORE than willing to hear them!

Happy Shopping.


  1. I am right there with you girl! If you sign up for the email list for your favorite restaurants they send you special coupons as well!

  2. Meg....try

  3. Right there with you on the daily deals sites... great stuff. Check out for another one. And, I'm with Amber on the e-mail list for restaurants. Last Friday we had a date with half-price pizza from The Wedge thanks to LivingSocial, followed up by free ice cream at Coldstone thanks to their e-mail club. Cheap but awesome date.

    Especially around birthday time, restaurants send out all kinds of free stuff. Some of my favorites:

    Red Robin - Free burger for your birthday
    Coldstone - Free ice cream for your birthday and other random times
    Fazolis - Free spaghetti at random times
    Spaghetti Warehouse - BOGO Spaghetti (sent out all the time seemingly)
    Spicy Pickle - BOGO entree for signing up and then randomly

    Another random thing - Shop at Aldi. Can't use coupons there as it is all knock-off brand, but alot of their stuff is way cheaper than Walmart + coupons (and it still tastes great). I did comparison shopping of the major grocery places, and Aldi's cost for my comparison items was $29, Walmart was $39, Target was $41, Homeland was $48 (haven't done Crest). Since I've done that comparison, I'm shopping at Aldi alot more. :-)


    But I am just so bad at it....

    Thanks for the tips, baby steps are good!!