Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Ok, all of you poor souls who continue to read our blog....we need some advice.

We are planning to take a cruise for our one year anniversary, but we cannot make up our minds!

The only thing we know for sure is that we want to take a cruise, porting out of Galveston (so we don't have to fly), that has lots of fun things to do.

Things we don't know:
-Where we want to go
-How long we want to go for
-Which cruise line is the best
-Should we just book the inside cheap rooms or go for the ocean view

So, all of you cruisers out there, give us your best insiders tips.

As long as our vacation looks something like this....I'll be happy.


  1. Well I have been on the Disney Cruise and a Carnival Cruise and here are the differences, good and bad. If you are looking for a more romantic cruise and such I would go Carnival. If you are looking for a magical experience... go Disney :) I know you guys did Disney for the honeymoon and I don't know if it ports in Galveston. Also another tip I heard was if you look at about two months before you go the prices will be down because they are trying to sell all the slots on the ship. Anyways Carnivals are great! We went on the Princess I think. Good luck searching!

  2. I've been on a few cruises with Carnival and with Royal Caribbean- very comparable and both great. These are the least expensive cruise lines, and once you've paid, everything is paid for. The only thing extra would be drinks, souvenirs and excursions (fun on-island activities).

    Leaving from the Galveston port narrows down your options of where to go, so check the availability for your dates and port preference- that factor will help you choose where to go! I've been to CocoCay, the Bahamas, Cozumel, Costa Maya, and a couple of other places in the Caribbean and they are ALL beautiful and have similar options for excursions.

    Remember though, that excursions are best booked in advance. So when you're booking, look at all of the options and sign up/pay for them beforehand.

    If you book the inside cheap rooms, prepare for a TINY living space whose only purpose is sleeping and showering. If you want to splurge a LITTLE, you can upgrade to 'Ocean View' for a bit more $ per person, which at least gives you a window. After that, (rooms with balconies, more space, jacuzzis etc...) are going to be at least $300-$400 more per person...

    If it's a shorter cruise (3-5 nights), I'd go for the cheaper room and splurge on fun excursions (which cost money) and drinks. If you want to go longer, you might want a nicer room for comfort.

    Decide what is most important to you- excursions, living quarters etc... and put the bulk of your money there!

    I've always stayed in a tiny room with no window, but have had great fun on each cruise I've been on.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Well cruising is my families favorite type of vacation so I have been on about 10. We just got back from a 8 night over Christmas. Carnival is the "fun ship" or "party ship". My family loves royal Carribbean and celebrity. We usually go put of Florida but we always drive to save money. My mom usually finds incredible deals. Inside rooms are cheap but you almost feel like your living in a closet. However, you don't have to spend a lot of time in the cabin because you can be on the top in the sun. I would pick a balcony before i chose a window just because if I was going to be able to see it I want to go outside. I would say you want to go for 7 nights or 5. But anything less seems too short.
    My favorite is eastern Carribbean. It's St thomas, San Juan and so forth. Te u.s. Virgin islands. Western is good too. It's more mexico and jamaica. Cruising is so fun because you get to see lots of places and you already know what your going to spend. Now cokes aren't included but you can buy a coke pass for unlimited cokes and such. I hope
    This helps. Seriously any questions just ask! Enjoy!

  4. You guys are so wonderful!! Thanks for all the good advice! It definitely helps!

  5. SPEND THE MONEY AND GET A ROOM WITH A BALCONY! It's completely and totally worth it!!! We cruised on our honeymoon for seven days and while it was perfect for our honeymoon, I wouldn't recommend a seven day cruise for a vacation...especially if you're going alone. By the fifth or sixth day we had done everything there was to do on the boat and were ready to get home. However, we were JUST married and dying to get home and just BE married! Leaving from Galveston, I think your only option will be to cruise the Caribbean, which is where we went. It was lovely!! We hit Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. I've heard the Bahamas are great as well. We are itching to go on another cruise, and hoping to go on a five day trip!! Good luck!