Friday, July 9, 2010

Dinner Party

We've finally got almost everything cleaned and settled into our apartment so what do we do?..
Throw a dinner party of course!

We invited our also newlywed friends Lacy and Quaid over for dinner and to hang out with us.

It was good motivation to finish getting everything cleaned and put away so they wouldn't judge us when they came over. Although I do think they judged us for all of our empty picture frames awaiting wedding photos...that's ok, at least they are off the floor and on the walls.

Also, we got to use all of our new kitchen stuff, including my new cake plate!

David is the chef in our house (I'm just the baker), so he made Montreal chicken, Pioneer Woman's mashed potatoes (thanks for the cook book Westin!), corn, and biscuits! I contributed to the dinner by making dessert....cake mix cookies! They are seriously the best! You will never eat a regular cookie dough cookie again after you've had these.

Overall, it was fantastic and we all had a great time!

I can check that off my married to-do list.

Here are some pictures of our setup.

And I just decided to take a picture of our bedroom because it was actually clean!

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