Sunday, July 18, 2010


I know I am slacking at blogging lately....but it's because I feel like there is nothing exciting to blog about.
Before, I could talk about the new decorations I bought, the cake I picked, or the final touches for the big day.
Now, we are just another married couple living blissfully in love.

Not that married life isn't exciting...because I am enjoying every minute of it.
I just don't know if you will enjoy our evenings of cooking pasta, watching America's Got Talent, playing board games, and falling asleep watching "Planet Earth" as exciting as I do.

Here are some of my favorite moments from these first couple weeks living together:

1.) Deciding who will clean what. I am the laundry girl and he is the dish washer. I hate nasty stuck on food and he hates folding. Done.
2.) Decorating our apartment. I actually have a husband who cares about decorating almost as much as I do so it's been fun picking out things and making a home together.
3.)Dinner parties. We happen to live close to our friends Lacy and Quaid, so we have taken turns cooking for each other and just hanging out. The problem is Lacy hates board games so we need some people to come over and play with us!
4.)Playing games. We LOVE games. Especially trivia and word games. The problem is....there are only so many games that are fun with just two people. We get our fill of scrabble, boggle, scene it, family fued, and Are you smarter than a 5th grader. So if you are up for a challenge (we are a tough couple to beat) we will take you on in an epic game night!
5.) Date nights. Just because you are married does not mean that dating is over. We make sure to get out a lot, even if it is just to the dollar movies to see something that came out 3 months ago or to share an ice cream at Braums.
6.) Louging around. I love just being with David. We don't have to be talking, or even in the same room. I just love having him near all the time. It's nice to just sit together and watch T.V. or watch him play video games.
7.) Skivies. For those of you who have ever lived with me, you know how much I love to walk around in my undies. Married life not only allows this, but encourages it. Fantastic.
8.) Shopping and Snacking. Grocery shopping is so much more fun when you are buying food together. We love picking out snacks to eat while we watch countless hours of netflix. My favorite snack of the moment is either Kettle Corn or Target's mango salsa. Yum.
9.) Netflix. For those of us poor newlyweds who refuse to pay more than $20 for cable, Netflix is heaven. Instant movies and T.V. shows, yes please.
10.) Quirks. After you have been with someone for 6 years you think that there isn't much left to learn about them. That is false. I am finding out more and more things about David than I ever have before.

Well I guess that's a little more exciting than I expected...


  1. We LOVE netflix!!

    and I agree, it's very hard to play games with just 2 people!

  2. you are such a cutie patootie and i miss you! i'm glad you're married now! yay!