Friday, June 15, 2012

Daughter's Tour

This past week I was incredibly blessed to be able to go on tour with David and RAVE ministries. 
RAVE is a girls ministry team that teaches about real life issues that every girl faces. I could go on and on about all the amazing things they do...but I'll just let you check out their website

David met the RAVE team at Winterfest and he ended up writing a few poems for them to use in their ministry. They decided to go on a tour this summer and they invited David to come and perform a few of his pieces during their show...and I being the lucky girl that I am, got to tag along. 

Let me just say that this tour ended up being the biggest blessing for me.

I got to spend ten days living with ten girls who uplifted me emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

It was like reliving the best parts of college all over again. 

We wore matching shirts.

Lived together on a tour bus.

Had some wicked dance parties.

Vegged out on everything delicious until all hours of the morning. 

Laughed a LOT. 

Cried some too. 

Had lots of real talks about life and Jesus. 

Sang, prayed, and studied together. 

AND performed a two hour show every night teaching girls about positive self image. 

Can it get any better?

So even though I was just tagging along with David on this tour, it ended up being the biggest blessing and I think I enjoyed living with 10 girls just a little bit more than he did. :)
He's a good man. 

OH! And did I mention we performed at the church where the Duck Dynasty family worships at? 
We got to meet them and they were just as sweet and funny in person as they are on the show. 

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