Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I love....

-Lazy nights
-Looking at old pictures and reliving the memories
-Watching TV in bed
-No laundry pile
-Dinner and a movie
-Thoughtful gestures
-Hanging with the girls
-The warmth of the sun
-Catching up with friends
-Playing board games
-Amusement parks
-My parents
-Cheezy mashed potatoes
-A good cry
-Hot showers
-Hearing my students say something nice to each other
-Belting it out in the car
-Chai lattes
-The Thunder
-Falling asleep to rain
-Low lighting and good music
-Waking up and realizing you have 2 more hours to sleep
-Not being able to stop laughing
-Smiling at strangers
-My lil sisters
-Being myself
-Starting a new book
-Buying presents for other people
-Holiday get-togethers
-Going out to eat
-Being married

Happy Valentines! Celebrate the things you love!

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