Sunday, October 16, 2011

Filipino Fun Facts

-Every time you turn on a TV, a singing show is playing
-Mashed potatoes are called "fixins"
-Make kissing noises if you want to: get someone's attention, call a waiter, or ask the jeepney driver to stop.
-You have to carry around your own toilet paper, they don't have it in the stalls. (Even in nice places)
-Most of their soaps have "whitening" products to whiten your skin
-The most popular songs played on the radio are "Faithfully" by Journey, "Open Arms" by Journey, and "Marry You" by Bruno Mars
-Everyone sings karaoke! You can go into the poorest villages and here good ol midi music blaring while someone sings an overplayed karaoke song.
-Every store, mall, restaurant, etc. is already playing Christmas music and most people hung up their decorations in September. 
-There are no seats on most toilet stalls. They just squat over them. 
-Every restaurant serves rice. EVERY. RESTAURANT. 
-Their spaghetti sauce and ketchup are sweetened.
-The only U.S. fast food chains they have here are McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Dunkin Donuts and they all have completely different menus. 
-They also have Starbucks which serves spam sandwhiches. 
-The two most popular drinks ordered at restaurants are iced tea and pineapple juice. 
-In America, waiters will constantly check on you and retailers will leave you alone unless you ask for help. In the Philippines, waiters will not come to the table unless you call on them and retailers will follow you around the store showing you everything.

That's all I can think of for now...I know there are plenty more.

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