Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Crunch Time!


I am getting married exactly one month from today and I am crunching to get things done! Also, my last month work out plan is in full swing and I AM FEELING IT! My legs and bottom hate me. But....I gotta look good in my swimsuit and new "outfits." ;)

My mom and I went shopping today to try and get all of the decorations purchased so that I can put them all together while I am just sitting in our NEW APARTMENT!

Yes, you read that right, I am all moved into our new apartment! I have hardly anything unpacked so no pictures yet...but I love it. It is the perfect first year apartment. I am just ready to have someone to share it with!

Today we purchased about 15 candles, 8 plate chargers, more candy buffet items, and most of the flowers I am using to make the bouquets.

I decided to just go with plain roses for the bouquets. Since I am using fake flowers, the roses just look the best. And I just like the shape of bouquets made of roses...nice and round. Don't worry though, I'm still gonna throw in some feathers for good measure!

Also, I purchased my wedding shoes! They are nothing fancy since my dress is large and poofy and they will hardly be noticed...but they are still plain and beautiful and only $22!
Check out that heel! Let's just pray my feet hold up...
Who am I kidding? They will be kicked off as soon as I enter the reception!

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